Cynthia S. Pann is a Taiwanese Canadian writer and illustrator of picture books. Her passion for drawing and storytelling began when she was four years old and she is known for her imaginative, whimsical, and vibrant illustrations. The majority of her illustrations are done with watercolours. She is also passionate about vegan lifestyle and is now working on creating vegan stories to inspire TRUE love and compassion, and to connect all living beings. She lives in Vancouver, Canada. Crystal Fish is her first illustrated book.

Matea Kulić is a writer and educator based in Vancouver, Canada. She draws on her Serbo-Croatian-Canadian roots, lyricism and light humour as inspiration for her writing. Her poetry and non-fiction has been published in literary magazines across Canada. She met Gordana Zikić in 2014, beginning their friendship and the collaborative effort that is Bird Song.

Gordana Zikić is a visual artist living in Belgrade, Serbia. Her drawings, paintings and mix-media works have been exhibited worldwide including: Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Germany, Barcelona, and Mexico. She is currently working on a children’s cookbook from a collection of illustrated recipes, some of which were featured in Cooking With Children. She facilitates educational workshops for children and is the cofounder of the artist residency Belgrade AIR.

Alisha Steinberger. Her artist name is “wearedow” in social media. She was born in Richmond, BC. She has lived in many countries, including Canada, Germany, the United States, Japan, and Norway. Feeling a longing to return to Canada, she now studies at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, major in 3D animation. She enjoys sports and vegan lifestyle as much as art. She hopes to spread the message further out into the world and help eliminate the suffering that we cause other species. Working with Crystal Fish Tales Team is a great honor for her. She hopes to one day be able to create inspiring movies with her artistic talent and skills.

Viktoria Cseh has an honours BA in English from Simon Fraser University and is working on a master’s in English. She is the Senior Editor at Crystal Fish Tales and has been championing its willingness and ability to venture in new directions with illustrated stories for all ages, while maintaining the highest editorial standards in book publishing, since 2012.

Leah Dawn has always had a spiritual connection with animals and a special softness for bunnies, who she believes are some of our most magical and misunderstood creatures. She has been a bunny mum for most of her adult life, and no matter where life takes her, she considers this to be one of her important jobs. Animals can be some of our greatest teachers in life, and Leah has written this book in the hope of deepening our connection with animals. In telling this story, she hopes others will see themselves and relate to the universal struggles we have from social anxiety, not fitting in, and the need to feel safe and loved. We all feel pain and joy, sadness and sorrow, and we are so much more the same than we are different. Our love and compassion for animals should not begin and end with cats and dogs but extend to all living creatures, from bunnies to cows, from pigs to chickens. Leah and her husband live in Winnipeg, Canada. They own a Floatation Therapy Centre where they assist people on their journey to physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Together, their goal in life is to help create more love and compassion in the world by fostering a better connection with animals, nature, and each other, and by encouraging deeper relationships with ourselves. They live happily together with their 3 bunnies. Writing has been a hobby of Leah’s for many years. This is her first children’s book.

Allan Stanleigh is an experienced publishing consultant at Crystal Fish Tales. He is also the managing director of two independent publishing companies, USNA Publishing Inc. and West Ghost Publishing Inc. Both companies are publishers of graphic novels which have collectively published 6 books over the past 5 years. Allan is also a writer and the coauthor of all six published titles.

Lovedeep Singh is a talented digital web designer at Crystal Fish Tales.